Wakefield Hospital

Evolution Healthcare extends across Australia and New Zealand. As part of our New Zealand portfolio of hospitals, our Wakefield Hospital facility is set in the heart of Wellington City. Evolution Healthcare operate Wakefield Hospital as the single largest private surgical hospital in central New Zealand. Contact +64 800 925 334.

Wakefield Hospital offers the complete range of diagnostic, interventional and surgical procedures across the full spectrum of specialties; bariatric, cardiac, otolaryngology, gastroenterological, gynaecological, neurological, oral & maxillofacial, orthopaedic, paediatric, radiology, sports medicine, urology -and with the recent introduction of a vascular laboratory -vascular surgery, all routinely performed at Wakefield Hospital. Full-time medical specialists providing 24-hour patient care work with and lead qualified and proficient medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment of patients by dedicated and committed local area healthcare professionals.

Wakefield Hospital regularly conducts thought leadership innovation in healthcare educational seminars and events. The purpose of these seminars is to engage with specialist consultants and surgeons who are experts in their field of specialty. They highlight advances in health technologies, treatments and procedures and the impact on primary care. Sessions are formatted to enable GP’s an opportunity to meet specialists, receive expert feedback and discuss topics in an interactive environment.

Wakefield Hospital proudly promotes, supports and contributes to the Health Navigator New Zealand website; a collaborative project developed with a range of not-for-profit organisations to identify the most up-to-date and relevant health information and self-help resources to provide the best patient outcomes.

Evolution Healthcare is committing significant investment to the redevelopment of the Wakefield Hospital site. This will incorporate the growth of healthcare services, the expansion of our hospital facilities and the advancement of hospital equipment and innovative health technology. The overarching phased integration of comprehensive private healthcare services to central New Zealand and it’s communities, now and into the future.