Our Mission

Our mission is to drive quality standards, health and safety and best practices into becoming a world-class leading provider of healthcare services. We believe embedding sustainability into our business targets will make us a good corporate citizen, securing the future of our organisation.



Our performance is determined by the mutual success of our partners, service providers and talented clinical and non-clinical teams. We believe that excellence in in all forms of commercial and contractual management will deliver success, now and into the future.


Our staff are the backbone of our entire organisation. Our high-performing teams set the benchmark for our hospitals overall performance. Through their dedication and commitment to finding new and innovative evidence-based approaches to patient welfare and wellbeing, we will continue to grow. Our role as an organisation is to attract, develop and retain the best talent in our sector.

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Our healthcare portfolio is secure and diverse, partnering with all facets of healthcare providers and practitioners. We are agile and able to reach regional communities across Australia and New Zealand as a provider of advanced healthcare and leading ledge medical technologies. We continue to strengthening our investments through strong organic growth.